We Help You Increase Your Retail Revenue Potential

In many cases, berries sealed with a Tectrol® Atmosphere may arrive at your facility looking very similar to fruit that has not been protected with Tectrol®. This is to be expected with good quality fruit and proper cold chain management during transit. However, the benefits of Tectrol® stay with the fruit long after the seal is broken and especially at a point when fruit temperatures begin to increase from the DC to the store to the consumer’s home. Tectrol® makes it possible for the berries to retain fresher, more appealing shelf presentations much longer than unprotected fruit. This translates into direct revenue delivered to you at retail and better fruit quality delivered to the consumer.

Tectrol® has repeatedly demonstrated increased retail revenue potential between 2-7% over standard refrigeration.
  • Tectrol® treated strawberries had a 25% average increase in retail purchase intent when compared to open bag shipping methods in a major retail Consumer Aceptance study. Read more
  • Retailer SKU data demonstrates a 2.4% reduction in shrink and a 8.5% increase in unit movement when Tectrol® treated strawberries are compared to strawberries shipped in standard refrigeration. Read more
  • Tectrol® treated strawberries averaged 11% less decay wet leaky fruit then an open bag system after simulated transit and distribution in a controlled study. Read more
  • University of California at Davis compares strawberry pallet preservation systems including transit temperature comparison and simulated distribution market life. Read more

How the Tectrol® Service Network Increases Revenue Potential

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Tectrol® can mean a real increase in store revenue and profit potential.