1. What is Modified Atmosphere (MA or MAP)?

Any change in composition or concentration of gases in a storage environment from that of normal air (oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2). A change in air temperature and/or relative humidity or removal of volatiles such as ethylene (C2H4) generally is not considered a modified atmosphere by the scientific community.

2. What is Controlled Atmosphere (CA)?

An active process to regulate modified atmosphere composition, in which initial concentrations of gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, are maintained throughout storage or transit by the addition or removal of quantities of gas as established by computer or other mechanical control device. Scrubbing or removal of volatiles from a sealed environment such as C2H4 (ethylene) is not generally considered a controlled atmosphere (CA) environment by the scientific community.

3. What is Tectrol®?

Tectrol® and the Tectrol Service Network are the trademarked brand names for TransFresh’s family of proprietary Modified Atmosphere packages (MAP) systems and processes developed and owned by TransFresh. Regardless of the type of system or process, each Tectrol Atmosphere consists of a mix of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen which is tailored to specific commodity needs. The Tectrol® Atmosphere system (carbon dioxide) is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute for the use in production of organic food and fiber.

4. Why use Tectrol® Modified Atmosphere or TransFresh CA?

TransFresh CA and Tectrol® both protect fresh produce perishables from shipping point all the way through distribution and retail sale, by slowing down the development of market disorders decay, or wet and leaky conditions. The decision to use a TransFresh system depends on a commodity's perishability, distance to market and susceptibility to market disorders decay, or wet and leaky conditions which can be controlled by a Modified. Category managers for fresh strawberries might use the Tectrol® MA Pallet Service to potentially increase retail profits due to less strawberry decay.  Contact us.

5. Where can I find more information?

TransFresh’s systems and processes represent the most current knowledge on the application of controlled and modified atmosphere systems for the protection of perishables in the commercial world. If you have special needs or circumstances, contact us. New research is ongoing in many institutions and labs around the world. An excellent resource other then TransFresh is the University of California at Davis, which also maintains a comprehensive website with postharvest technology research and information.

6. Where do I find a full copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Tectrol Atmospheres?

The two primary gases used to create custom blends of Tectrol Controlled or Modified Atmosphere are carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

7. Can Tectrol be used on organically grown and produced perishables?

Yes.  Tectrol® Modified Atmosphere and the Tectrol® Service Network are both listed by OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute) for use in the production of organic foods.  TransFresh has maintained this listing since 2000.